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Jamdani saree online shopping.? A fine Muslin Textile of Bengal.? You are sure to be wrecked for choices when you see our wide range of Jamdani Sarees in myriad colors & eye catching designs. Make an unforgettable impression with our signature handloom products. Every perfectly crafted piece? strikes the delicate balance between contemporary style and classic charm.
Care Instructions: Hand Wash Pure genuine handloom product with intricate work all over the saree. Materiel is Muslin Cotton with hand embroidery work. This Jamdani Saree is Easy to carry, soft and light weight. Iem Length is 5.5 Meters with no running blouse attached. Handwoven Fabric base made from fine quality threads. Wash Care : Always use cold water. Handloom Sarees are very delicate so NEVER use hot water to wash your sarees. Don?t let the soap stay on the garment for long. Wash it off quickly. Avoid Machine wash and using hard detergent or bleech. Avoid direct sunlight when drying a saree as it might lead to fabric discoloration. Dry it in partial shade jamdani saree online shopping made easy. This kind of saree is regional variation that was only available and symbol of the royalty for many years. The weavers use very fine threads generally cotton for making these Sarees. These are pure handloom products. Often the weavers make these sarees with of golden and silver zaris.? In recent time combination of silk and cotton is a very common process to add extra shine and attention to the Jamdani. This fabric is versatile enough to be made with full silk, either pure or artificial and with various kinds of metallic yarns.

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